Tolliver x Dr. Martens

Tolliver Featured Artist in
Dr. Martens Presents Filmmaker Series

New Video “Say What!”
from the album ThinBlackDuke

Dr Martens Presents Tolliver Photo by Emma Cole

SideOneDummy Records are excited to share the new Tolliver collaboration with Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens Presents: Filmmaker Series follows LA artist Tolliver, as he uses his music to reconcile who he is today with his upbringing and childhood. Produced and Directed by filmmaker Ali Roberto.

Watch the full episode here: Dr Martens Presents: Tolliver

Artwork “Say What!” Single

Tolliver premiered the new video “Say What!” on his YouTube Channel. And check out Tolliver’s album ThinBlackDuke for all the sonic goodies.

Photo by Lisa Johnson

About the Dr. Martens Presents Filmmaker Series:
The Dr. Martens community is tough. Unique. Adaptable. And undeniably intertwined with the world of music. As our lives shift in unprecedented ways, Dr. Martens Presents is partnering with unique NYC and LA filmmakers to tell the stories of musicians who are not only surviving, but thriving and innovating when met with these extraordinary times.

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Fans who received buttons also received free stickers from the band!

SideOneDummy Records artist Tolliver also made some sweet holographic stickers! Look for them on fridges of the most elite in Echo Park.

Tolliver Holographic Sticker from Sticker Mule

Check out Tolliver’s new “Owe Me Money” (Neukrapsio Remix) available now on Bandcamp!

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