PLASMA CANVAS New Music Video “Flux”

Release New Video from KILLERMAJESTIC

Listen and Watch The Music Video For “Flux” Now on SideOneDummy Records’ YouTube Channel

October 28, 2020 – Fort Collins, Colorado – PLASMA CANVAS have released a new music video for “Flux,” the final track on the band’s KILLERMAJESTIC EP released on SideOneDummy Records. The new music video for “Flux“ can be seen exclusively on SideOneDummy Records’ YouTube Channel. The song was produced by Bill Stevenson at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins.

Watch the music video for “Flux” here: “Flux”

Life as we know it has changed. “Flux” is a visual love letter to the simple act of playing a gig with friends.

“While we wanted to give something sweet and sentimental to our fans, the nostalgia wouldn’t be complete without a little tinge of grief,” says guitarist and vocalist Adrienne Rae Ash, “There’s a certain gravity that builds toward the end of the video when you start to realize that these clips of people smiling and dancing and sweating and singing together are all in the past and we have absolutely none of that right now. It was important to us that we show how incredible and loving and cathartic our shows and crowds can be, but in order to do that, we felt that we needed to pull the rug out from under the viewer and show them what it looks like and how it feels when everyone is gone.”

To create the heartfelt video, PLASMA CANVAS were fortunate enough their friend Aaron Saye step in to direct. Saye is not only a legend himself, he runs the Seventh Circle Music Collective in Denver.

“We filmed the video at Seventh Circle Music Collective, which is a legendary Denver DIY venue,” explains Ash. “It was actually the first venue I ever performed at in Colorado when I moved here with just $60, some clothes and my guitars. Aaron has been one of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had and I trust him with my life. Aaron and I met in Kansas City at an Against Me!/Gaslight Anthem show in 2014. The meeting changed my life. He was the perfect person to help create our sentimental feels-fest of a video.”

The song “Flux” is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Adrienne Rae Ash – guitars/vocals
Jude McCarron – drums


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Get Ready To Rock with Plasma Canvas

You’re Invited!

Get Ready To Rock with Plasma Canvas and celebrate KILLERMAJESTIC!

Monday, AUGUST 11, Plasma Canvas will be playing a few stripped down songs when the GRITTY IN PINK VIRTUAL TOUR hits Denver on IG LIVE, reuniting with some Warped Tour friends and raising funds for Sweet Relief! A little birdie told us they might be doing a Descendents cover, so don’t miss it. GRL Virtual Tour is live 7pm PT/8pm MT/10pm ET on Tuesday, August 11.

On Monday, AUGUST 17, Plasma Canvas will be hosting a Facebook livestream EP “Release Party” as part of COLORADO MUSIC MONTH! The band will be playing tracks from their brand new EP KILLERMAJESTIC, so clear your living room and get ready to rock out (at home). Tune in to on August 17 at 5pm PT/6pm MT/8pm ET.

Here’s a message from the band:
“HEY WORLD! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be taking part in #ColoradoMusicMonth and will be streaming a documentary-style video project about the band on Monday, 8/17! It’s a challenging time for live music, but we’re happy to be a part of something innovative and creative. And excited we can finally play KILLERMAJESTIC for ya’ll.”

And don’t forget, Plasma Canvas just released their debut EP KILLERMAJESTIC on SideOneDummy Records!

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New Noise Magazine Reveals Plasma Canvas Track-By-Track for KILLERMAJESTIC

New Noise Magazine Reveals Plasma Canvas KILLERMAJESTIC Track-By-Track

New Noise Magazine published a track-by-track for the new Plasma Canvas release KILLERMAJESTIC, which drops June 12, 2020.

Read the article here at New Noise Magazine.


Track-By-Track: Plasma Canvas – KILLERMAJESTIC

Plasma Canvas also unveiled a new video for the track “Saturn.” Fans can listen to “Saturn” as well as read a Q+A with the band over on Flood Magazine.
Fans can find “Saturn” here:

“Saturn” follows the release of “Firecracker,” which debuted with Brooklyn Vegan and can be streamed here and on Spotify and Apple Music.
KILLERMAJESTIC was produced by punk rock hero, Bill Stevenson, who has been an original member of the band Descendents since their inception. He has also produced albums for bands like Rise Against, NOFX and The Lemonheads.
“KILLERMAJESTIC” kicks off with a visceral scream. It’s a burst of pure, primal emotion that sounds like vocalist/guitarist Adrienne Rae Ash’s actual throat is escaping from her body into the big, bad world outside. A blistering re-recording of a song from the band’s 2016 debut album, it’s a bold mission statement that reasserts who Plasma Canvas is now, and what the band is all about. Even more forceful and raw than the original recording –which captured all the angst, frustration and confused emotions that were swirling around inside Ash’s mind and heart until she came out as trans in 2015 –it firmly reasserts the powerful identity of the band.

“That scream came from the fact that it was the first album I had gotten to do completely on my own,” says Ash. “It was the first time I’d ever put together a full record of any kind with any band. I’d been out as a trans woman for a couple of years at that point, so I felt like I’d been standing on a springboard for the first 25 years of my life, and when we recorded that song it was all of it coming out at the same time. When we re-tracked it, I knew that it had to be that intense. I wanted it to feel like what accepting your transness feels like, which is terrifying. It’s like you’ve had someone holding your head under water for your entire life, and then you finally get up the strength to release yourself and take a deep breath and scream really loud.”
Joined by drummer Jude McCarron, the Fort Collins punk rock duo has only begun to share a sense of empowerment and catharsis that can be found on the EP’s five tracks. As much as it’s an insight into what Ash’s day-to-day existence is like, it also serves as a portrait of being a marginalized person in the USA in 2020. As such, even though these songs aren’t explicitly political, they are also inherently political, because, as Ash points out on the band’s Facebook page, for her, even just existing is an act of rebellion.
KILLERMAJESTIC is now available for pre-order by visiting: