Tolliver’s New Release ThinBlackDuke is Out Now

TOLLIVER: New EP ThinBlackDuke Is Out Now
ThinBlackDuke EP is out everywhere at

Tolliver’s “seraphic falsetto can stop you in your tracks and make the hairs on your body feel like bayonets.” Jeff Weiss, Passion of the Weiss / LA Weekly

Dipping back into his roots, new EP ‘Rites’ is a blazing return, one underpinned by that sense of gospel communion. Future soul with an R&B twist, it’s powerful songwriting that offers a glimpse of extremes. Clash Magazine

TOLLIVER has the angel and devil on his shoulders with succulent new offering “Twisted” The Line of Best Fit

Extremely different. Extremely good. Tolliver should be chosen as the star of the hour because he created with his “Rites” EP more than a reverberating marvel. e1nenhabichnoch

Masterfully built out of pulsing vocal samples and swelling synths, creating a bed for his soft but striking voice, it is the work of an artist ready to be lauded. Complete Music Update

July 31, 2020 – Emerging Alternative R&B artist Tolliver’s new EP ThinBlackDuke is out now along with the music video to the single “Drugs in College”. Watch the music video here.

Tolliver says, “ThinBlackDuke is a party record about guilt. It’s about the feeling put upon me by the world, while acknowledging – and sometimes reveling in – all fuckboi behavior that gets me mired in bs. The EP plays like a tide. The tide comes in, my confidence rises – “Petty,” “Drugs in College,” “Owe Me Money.” The tide rolls out – “Agape,” “Swing My Way.” Sonically it’s a pop record with R&B and gospel overtones, churchy-ass harmonies, and confessional lyrics over slickly-produced tracks meant for banging at the bar mitzvah, the club, and the chiropractor’s office.”

He continues about the single “Drugs In College” saying, “This is a Candyland dream for those who like to get high without ever coming down. Why repent when you can indulge? Why wake up when you could sleep through it all? Why drink water when there’s a drink sitting right next to you? How convenient! The song glorifies addiction as a means of taking away the power of said addictions, giving in to relieve the tension of trying to hold off. Commit crimes, destroy private property, do all the destructive things you’re scared to do but secretly would love to.”

Written and recorded with all-star production team The Architects (Miguel, Alicia Keys) – ThinBlackDuke, is equal parts unbridled hedonism and morning-after regret, a conflicted party record that blurs the lines between soul, funk, R&B, and hip-hop as it grapples with sex and jealousy, money and betrayal, self-doubt and self-control. Tolliver, whose bisexual identity and appetite for debauchery are frequently at odds with his strict religious upbringing, writes with a keen observational eye and lacerating wit. His lyrics are raw and unfiltered, at times hilarious, but there’s a swift undercurrent of guilt that flows just beneath the surface.

ThinBlackDuke EP is out everywhere at


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