We signed Worriers!!

We’re so stoked to announce that we’ll be working with Worriers for their new album due out later this year!

Today we released a brand new song called “Future Me” that you can hear right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NdNJtMhxc0 

A coffee place where you first met.
A song that used to be “ours.”
A subway stop where you read th​at​ last text.
Looking backwards can be jarring; the sudden realization of how far removed you’ve become from things that you thought would hold meaning forever.
In their new single, the first track off a forthcoming album on SideOneDummy, Worriers‘ Lauren Denitzio tackles these moments that feel as though they were plucked from an entirely different lifetime. “Future Me” views the nostalgia of a past life through the perspective of present day, recognizing what the narrator has overcome and what those experiences have taught them. Packed with a powerful hook and a chorus that refuses to leave your head, Denitizio manages to channel wistfulness and hope equally, in a way that you can’t help but relate to. “Should have left, should have settled for lonely,” as they succinctly put it – something that anyone who has experienced heartbreak has felt at one time.
Stay tuned to find out when the new Worriers album will be available!

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