We signed Worriers!!

We’re so stoked to announce that we’ll be working with Worriers for their new album due out later this year!

Today we released a brand new song called “Future Me” that you can hear right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NdNJtMhxc0 

A coffee place where you first met.
A song that used to be “ours.”
A subway stop where you read th​at​ last text.
Looking backwards can be jarring; the sudden realization of how far removed you’ve become from things that you thought would hold meaning forever.
In their new single, the first track off a forthcoming album on SideOneDummy, Worriers‘ Lauren Denitzio tackles these moments that feel as though they were plucked from an entirely different lifetime. “Future Me” views the nostalgia of a past life through the perspective of present day, recognizing what the narrator has overcome and what those experiences have taught them. Packed with a powerful hook and a chorus that refuses to leave your head, Denitizio manages to channel wistfulness and hope equally, in a way that you can’t help but relate to. “Should have left, should have settled for lonely,” as they succinctly put it – something that anyone who has experienced heartbreak has felt at one time.
Stay tuned to find out when the new Worriers album will be available!

Today brings us a new Rozwell Kid song called “Wendy’s Trash Can” + video premiere on Nerdist!

Got a cool 10 hours to spare? Great! Head over to Nerdist and watch all 10 hours of Rozwell Kid’s never-ending new video for “Wendy’s Trash Can!”


“Wendy’s Trash Can” is the opening track on Rozwell Kid’s forthcoming album Precious Art! You’ve still got time to pre-order before it’s official release date next week so… uh… do that! Now!

Hear Allison Weiss’ new single “Runaway” co-written by Tegan Quin!

Not everyone gets a chance to collaborate with their heroes, but our own Allison Weiss did! Co-written with Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara), Allison’s new single “Runaway”is available now on all streaming services.


After AW mustered up the courage to reach out to Tegan, the two bonded over what may be Weiss’ most promising foray into the indie-pop world yet. “Runaway” bears the hallmarks of some of the genre’s best: the stadium-ready anthemics of Paramore, the visceral emotion ofDashboard Confessional, the quirky poptimism of Carly Rae Jepsen.