Pre-order Rozwell Kid’s new album Precious Art RIGHT NOW!

This is not a drill! Rozwell Kid’s highly-anticipated new album Precious Art comes out June 23, and you can officially pre-order it TODAY!

Go here:

After you’ve given us your money, maybe you wanna hear some new music? Or maybe you’re all picky like “let me hear some of this fire before I drop bills.” We get that.¬†Luckily the lyric video for the new song “UHF on DVD” is literally perfect and about to change your entire life…

That song is on Spotify, Apple Music, literally everywhere you can stream or download songs, so go ahead and add it to all yr playlists. Send it to your crush. Send it to your mom. Your dad might even like it, too. Neighbors. Aunts. Grandparents. Teachers. Doctors. Grocery store clerks. Etc.


UHF on DVD - Taco Man

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