CHRIS SHIFLETT’s new album West Coast Town is out today!

We are so excited because TODAY is April 14 and that means that our friend Chris Shiflett‘s new album is officially out!

You can grab West Coast Town on CD from this very website OR your favorite local record store, plus there’s a special iTunes exclusive version of the album available right here:

Or maybe you’re more of a Spotify person, we get it! Well guess what? West Coast Town is on there, too!

We’ll spare you the reading and just tell you that West Coast Town is available on literally every music-listening/purchasing/streaming platform that exists!

So go ahead, buy it on Amazon or Google Play, we’re not gonna stop ya! And while you’re at it, tweet at @ChrisShiflett71 and @sideonedummy to let us know your favorite song from the album!

Oh! One more thing. If you live in Los Angeles, we are throwing a lil party to celebrate the release of West Coast Town! Stop by the S1D Pop-Up Shop TOMORROW between 11-2PM and pick up a copy of the album on CD. Oh, and no big deal or anything but Chris Shiflett is going to be here performing new songs!

For more info on our party tomorrow, head to:

Happy release day, Chris!

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