Watch CHRIS SHIFLETT’s new video for “West Coast Town” on Noisey!

Today we’re stoked to release Chris Shiflett‘s new video for “West Coast Town”—you can watch it right now on Noisey, who raved about the video, saying it “immediately puts you in the mood for a good-ass time.” 


You can also pre-order the new album West Coast Town now!

The iTunes version of the album also comes with an EXCLUSIVE bonus track called “Mrs. America.” In addition, pre-order it on iTunes now and get an immediate download of “West Coast Town” 🙂

1. Sticks & Stones
2. West Coast Town
3. Goodnight Little Rock
4. Room 102
5. The Girl’s Already Gone
6. Blow Out The Candles
7. I’m Still Drunk
8. Cherry
9. Tonight’s Not Over
10. Still Better Days

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MEAT WAVE’s The Incessant is out today!

We are so excited that Meat Wave‘s new album The Incessant is finally out! It takes the conversation about mental health, confronts it head on, and overcomes it with an impassioned sigh of relief. It also just ROCKS!

Grab it on vinyl or Bandcamp, or stream it wherever you prefer 🙂




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NAHKO AND MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE release new video for “Tus Pies (Your Feet)”

This new Nahko and Medicine For The People video is the perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day. Watch it on Vevo now and then conspire to get matching “I love your feet for how they found me” tattoos with your partner <3

Nahko shared his thoughts on the song and video here:

We humbly dedicate this song to those strong allies in our lives that have been anchors, beacons, and pillars through the ups and downs of life. To all our relations that have lost custody of keiki, to those who have grown up without real family, to those that have suffered and discovered a different kind of family, to those who come from those places and yet still live strong and walk in gratitude to reverse the negativity of that way, and for those that show up for us in our times of need and in our times of joy…we offer this portrait to you. It is no small thing to love and be loved in return.

To Pablo Neruda: I extend my eternal thanks. Without your poetry, Tus Pies would not have lived. Without your beacon, I would not have found my way or been able to show up for my loved ones.

And to the muse and dear ally who inspired my pen to paper and words to action, may you live strong and continue to hear your hearts prayer. With these tools on our side, we are awakening the true power within us as we cross mountains and valleys to reach our soul’s resting place. EO.

THE SMITH STREET BAND’s new album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me out April 7!

With the help of producer, labelmate and friend Jeff Rosenstock, More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me is poised to be The Smith Street Band‘s strongest record yet.

PRE-ORDER More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me now:

The new single is accompanied by a brilliant film clip directed by Neal Walters, who was also responsible for the heartwarming video clip for “Death To The Lads” which featured each band members’ mums. The “Birthdays” video tells a tale of growing up, love and technology — all consistent themes throughout The Smith Street Band’s career to-date.

Stream the entire new MEAT WAVE album on Noisey!

The Incessant.

It’s a swelling. A pyramid. A crescendo. It stems from living recklessly. And selfishly. And regrettably. It’s an overwhelming anxiety brought on by the biggest and littlest fucking things, and it’s what MEAT WAVE’s new album, The Incessant, is all about.

Stream The Incessant in its entirety on Noisey here:

“The Incessant is personal yet applicable, intimate yet political, blistering yet soothing. It’s both the healed, ready-to-fall-off scab, and the wound that produced it.”

Grab your copy on vinyl here:


Learn more about MEAT WAVE’s new album, and hear a very good new song called “Bad Man”


One of our faaaaavorite music sites, UPROXX, caught up with Christopher Sutter from Meat Wave about The Incessant. The result is an in-depth and all-encompassing look at the mental, sonic, and personal inspiration behind the Chicago trio’s massive new Steve Albini-produced record, out February 17.

Read up here:

And listen to their new song “Bad Man” on Spotify:

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