The S1D Fam Club

Over the last year or so, we’ve realized what a big role you all have played in making our community grow to unimaginable proportions (um, Jeff Rosenstock is USA Today’s #1 album of the year?!). We’ve been going to festivals all over the country and at each one, you approach us, raving about your favorite S1D album or telling us how cool it must be to work here.

It got us thinking…

Does working with your favorite bands interest you? Do you love turning friends onto new music? Now is your chance to take your obsession even further by joining our brand new street team, the SideOneDummy FAM CLUB!

We are accepting applications now through December 14. Send all submissions to

If you’re interested, tell us:

– why you want to be a part of the fam club
– personal skills & strengths that could be useful (writing, Photoshop, etc)
– favorite band on the label
– social media handles
– your age and location

The Fam Club will work like a standard street team but with an added digital element, and the opportunity to win tickets to our shows and exclusive merch. How? You show up. You do the work and prove it. You care.

This is really going to be a moment for you to run with; an opportunity to make an impact in not just the band’s growth but also your potential future career.

We’ll have a private Facebook group where you’ll interact with S1D staff and share your proof. Together we’ll come up with ideas to help spread the word on our bands. You can hang up posters around town to alert people to an upcoming show, call radio stations to request songs or airplay, share our band’s videos and key social posts, etc.

The truth is, The Fam Club is what you make it! Have an idea on how your skills could help turn more people in your city onto Microwave? Know just the thing to get people out to see Astronautalis on his next tour? This is going to be a collaborative work-in-progress so if you have any ideas along the way that could help improve the way the club works, we’re all ears.

We can’t wait to read your submissions and pick our first members of The Fam Club!

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