What do AJJ and Danny Brown have in common?

When we released AJJ’s new single “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” earlier this summer, we had no idea what a wild reaction it’s Joe Stakun-produced/directed video would receive. To be fair, it’s the greatest music video ever made so the range of emotions it set off amongst fans and newcomers alike were to be expected.

Today we’re happy to show off a different side to The Bible 2, an emotionally-crippling track called “Junkie Church” with an accompanying video created by RUFFMERCY. You probably don’t know who RUFFMERCY is but you’ve probably seen his work with esteemed hip hop icons Run The Jewels, Danny Brown and Earl Sweatshirt, amongst many others.  And if you haven’t, that’s okay – you’re still going to freak out over this video. It may be the most captivating thing we’ve ever seen / released.

Now that you’ve heard two totally different sides of The Bible 2, and had your mind blown TWICE by their visual counterparts, there’s literally no reason to not pre-order the album. We just won’t accept it.

Head to our store now and pick up an LP, CD or one of our #MaximumContent bundles before they sell out. And if digital is your thing, you can pre-order TB2 on both Bandcamp (for $6.66, fyi) and iTunes now!

Also, you may want to pay attention this week. We dk. There may be more things happening and that’s all we’re gonna say about it. Byeeeee!

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