We signed IRON CHIC!

Can’t believe we’ve kept this a secret for so long but now we can finally scream it from the rooftops — HEY WORLD! WE SIGNED IRON CHIC!

We’re all huge fans of the band (The Constant One was in CONSTANT rotation here in 2013– eh?) and met them last year at Fest for the first time. We’ve all stayed in touch and decided, hey – let’s put out a record.

As fans, you likely already know of the tragedy that hit the Iron Chic family recently in the passing of founding guitarist Rob McAllister. We felt that loss pretty hard ourselves, as Rob was one of the first people in the band that we ever met. We continue to send our utmost sympathy and love to Rob’s family and all of Iron Chic. Donations to support Rob’s family can be made here.

In a way, this announcement is like a new chapter for Iron Chic. We’re all so excited to see what they come up with for their new record, and will be sitting here jamming their newest song, “Ys,” on repeat until then.

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