Dummy Days Of December: MICROWAVE

Only a few days left of our Dummy Days Of December celebration, where we recap all of our releases from 2015 and then put them on sale and stuff. We started this whole thing with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?, gushed over Allison Weiss’ New Love, reflected on Safe To Say’s Hiding Games EP, freaked over Timeshares Already Dead, and wrapped up week once with Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato’s Kindred Spirit. On Monday we raved about Superheaven’s Ours Is Chrome, yesterday it was all about Meat Wave’s Delusion Moon, and today we’re talking about Microwave‘s split with Head North!

While it wasn’t a proper full-length, the split between Microwave and Head North was pretty hype-y over here solely because it was the first official release we got to do with Microwave after signing them earlier this year. After spending the last year and a half obsessing over this band, it was pretty great to finally have new music from them to share with the world.

We’ll never forget how we felt the night we heard those two new songs, “Thinking of you,” and “but not often.” We had been waiting and waiting and waiting, cutting it dangerously close to the deadline for vinyl turnaround, when finally, the YouSendIt link appeared in our inboxes. You guys have heard the songs– SO worth the wait, right??

This release was also special because we got to team up with one of our favorite young labels, Bad Timing Records. Head North is signed to BTR so it seemed like a natural idea to do a 50/50 release with their label. The only thing is that we really don’t like Thomas and Zack from BTR so that made things a bit difficult. Sike! Just making sure you’re still reading. We love them, obviously. They’ve got a real special thing going on over there and it was rad to get the chance to work with them on this release.

While Microwave are still a young band in a lot of people’s eyes, things have been progressing very quickly. When you think about it, one year ago, only a handful of people who either lived near them, saw them on tour, or watched their outstanding Audiotree session knew about Microwave. Today they’re one of the most talked about new bands in this community with so much on the horizon for 2016. We’re talking about the highly anticipated follow up to their debut album Stovall, which they’re going to record in January, some seriously epic touring plans that we just can’t wait to tell you about, festival appearances and so much more.

If you haven’t heard the Microwave / Head North split, today’s your lucky day! Pick it up for FREE for the next 24 hours: https://sideonedummy.bandcamp.com/album/split

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