Dummy Days Of December: MEAT WAVE

Last week we kicked off our Dummy Days Of December by celebrating all of our releases from 2015. We started this whole thing with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?, gushed over Allison Weiss’ New Love, reflected on Safe To Say’s Hiding Games EP, freaked over Timeshares Already Dead, and wrapped up week once with Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato’s Kindred Spirit. Yesterday we raved about Superheaven’s Ours Is Chrome, and today it’s all about Meat Wave and their outstanding record Delusion Moon.

Instead of focusing on how we first discovered Meat Wave (through word of mouth, duh), we think this post would be better served by going through all the amazing things this band has accomplished this year. 

Still a new name to most, Meat Wave have been busting their asses since their record Delusion Moon came out in September. The band played both the Denver and Chicago versions of Riot Fest, ruled at both, and then embarked on crazy two-month tour of the US, UK and Europe before wrapping it all up this past weekend. They played The Fest in Gainesville, FL, where we were all pleasantly surprised to see fans singing along and moshing, and Icelandic Airwaves in – yup, you guessed it – Iceland a week later. The stop in Iceland kicked off a near month-long trek of Europe and the UK before the band released a new b-side called “Symmy” to appease their constantly growing audience. 

Every show seemed bigger than the last in both attendance and importance, all the way through to this past Saturday’s sold out headlining show at The Empty Bottle in their hometown of Chicago, IL. We weren’t there but fans flooded Instagram with photos and videos of their blistering set, so much that we could feel the energy through the screen. 

If you haven’t listened to Delusion Moon yet, we highly recommend it. As if the many comparisons to Hot Snakes, Cloud Nothings, and Metz aren’t enough, the album’s been on a bunch of year-end lists, like this one from Noisey. It’s easily the record everyone will be talking about throughout 2016 as friends start talking and more people start seeing the band live, so why not get into it now? 

Here’s an incentive to check ’em out– for ONE DAY only, you can get Delusion Moon for just $5 through our Bandcamp:

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