Alex’s Favorite Albums of 2015

If you’ve ever ordered anything from our web store, there’s been a set of hands that touches basically every package and sends it on its way to you, the fans. That’s our warehouse manager Alex Cornejo. He understands the importance in getting the records safely into your hands and is a big reason why people constantly compliment our customer service. He also helps on the social media front (he’s the one behind some of those hilarious gifs!), spreading the word about all of our bands upcoming tour dates, albums, singles, and more.

Check out Alex’s favorite albums of 2015 below. Let him know what you think on Twitter: @BichoAlex

Hop Along – Painted Shut
In addition to Spotify’s 2015 Year In Review statistics, if there were stats on how many times I played this on CD and on my USB in my car, this record was the most played album, songs, anything for me all year…hands down. Terrific album from front to back. Having seen them live at FYF Fest in 2015, you could say that Frances’ voice is a such a key element to this band (and it is) but every person in this band brings forth their own unique component that helped make one of the best records of 2015. I hope they found a Taco Bell after their set at FYF Fest cause god damn they deserved it.

Title Fight – Hyperview
There’s certain bands that people just like to nitpick at. I feel like Title Fight is one of them. They made 2 great full lengths with SideOneDummy and with them joining ANTI Records in 2015, the hype was strong. Would it be better than the last? Would it be a return to their 1st album? It was neither. ‘Hyperview’ was it’s on entity and once you A) put aside any expectations and B) trusted the band to make music they believe in – it eventually would all fall into place. Musical tastes change as you grow older and it shows on this album’s hints of new influences.

The Sidekicks – Runners In The Nerved World
This one was an easy one for me. Having waited 3 years since ‘Awkward Breeds,’ I was clearly going to be all over this one. It was my 2015 Top Album on Spotify and ‘Ball Don’t Lie.’

Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta La Raiz
I jumped on this late in the year after having watched her “What’s In My Bag?” on just recently. Let’s see, she picked albums by Joni Mitchell, Michael Kiwanuka, Nick Drake and Cat Power – tons of artists I enjoy. Gave her new album a new listen and I was sold. Beautiful voice combined with some indie rock all in Spanish. Some good mood music when you need a pick-me-up.

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room – Party Adjacent
A lot of my friends were raving about Dan’s previous album, ‘Hurricane Season.’ Just as I always do, I took a listen to the new album instead. I’ve grown out of anything new the Alkaline Trio has put out and with all my favorite artists growing older, as well as myself, I feel like this speaks to me more so: the vibe, lyric content, influences, etc.

Kurt Vile – believe i’m going down
Bob Dylan + Ryan Adams + Velvet Underground + Neil Young = this new Kurt Vile record. I’m 100% OK with this.

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell
The dark horse for me this year. A very dark themed album written beautifully. I’ve always leaned towards the more melancholy side of music. I mean, what what the fuck was a 13 year old doing  diving heavenly into an album called ‘Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness’ anyways? There were so many much “happier” albums at that time. Oh well. Getting older, continuing to learn life lessons, being a parent, being a husband, the constant thoughts/worries in our heads – and we try to balance all of this at once without trying to lose your mind. Sometimes you do lose it and I think ‘Carrie and Lowell’ covers a lot of that ground. My favorite moment on this album is the haunting drag of “We’re all gonna die…” in ‘Fourth of July.

The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness
My boss, Joe, described something the other that that best fits how I got into this album. You end up hearing so much about something that you almost end up hating it before you even try it. Then you eventually tap into it and you find out that it’s really REALLY good. This was me getting into The Weeknd after years of hearing about him. Glad I stopped being a hater.

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