Wrapping up the first week of Dummy Days Of December today. As a reminder, from now until we close shop on the 18th, we’ll be highlighting a different 2015 release each day. We’ve got exclusive contests, sales, stories, and more lined up for the next two weeks — just keep your eyes peeled here and on our socials for deals and more!

We started the celebration on Monday with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?went back to Allison Weiss’ New Lovegushed over Safe To Say’s Hiding Gamesgot a lil more in-depth on Timeshares Already Dead,  and today it’s all about that beautiful split 10’’ from Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato, Kindred Spirit.

Like most great things in our community, a big motivating factor for the Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato split came from a fan at Fest 13. He asked when we were gonna make that split happen. It was cool to hear from a stranger about something like this and have the ability to actually make it come to life. So we got back from Gainesville with all the drive and excitement we needed to finally put this in action. Talked to Chuck, talked to Rocky… easy. They’re longtime friends. And thus, Kindred Spirit was born.

When it came time to promote the release, both Chuck and Rocky were pretty busy between their personal lives and touring plans, so there was no chance of making a new video for either side of the split. So we called on our pal Jeff Rosenstock to create unique lyric videos for each song. Both Chuck and Rocky’s songs are so deeply personal and, at the same time, relatable, that we thought it’d be cool to see someone handwriting the lyrics down in a notebook or journal. Jeff really helped bring the idea to light and made not one but TWO great videos to help spread the word on the release.

Watch Chuck’s “Vagabond” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBc-DvF7PQU

Watch Rocky’s “Sparks Of Recovery” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzWGdtJCXp8

For TODAY only, the split is up on our Bandcamp for just $3! That’s three bucks for six songs– talk about a deal! 😉


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