Our Band’s Favorite Things of 2015: PART TWO

Everyone’s making year-end lists so we asked our bands to take part, too. Check out The Smith Street Band, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Restorations, and Allison Weiss’ lists below!


Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
Tame Impala – Currents
Royal Headache – High
Bad//Dreems – Dogs At Bay
Allison Weiss – New Love
Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear
Fidlar – Too
Leon Bridges – Coming Home
Sidekicks – Runners in the Nerved World
Ratatat – Magnifique
Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?
Tobias Jesso – Goon
Grimes – Art Angels
Bully – Feels Like


Top 5 Tours I Went On in 2015 (in chronological order) by Mark Glick

1.  AJJ / Smith Street Band / Jeff Rosenstock / Chumped
Where: US
When:  March – April
High point: this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLnfFUZNkww
Low point:  Montreal being a total frozen nightmare, show was still cool

2.  AJJ / Hard Girls
Where: UK
When: June
High point:  Spending 3 weeks in a van with Hard Girls
Low point:  deep fried haggis

3. Jeff Rosenstock / Dan Andriano / Pet Symmetry / Spraynard / High Dive
Where: US
When: July – August
High point:  seeing Jeff do “All Star” at karaoke in Eden, Idaho
Low point: the van breaking down, forcing us to spend the night in Eden, Idaho

4.  The Smith Street Band / AJJ / The Sidekicks / The Sugarcanes
Where: Australia
When: September
Low point: getting the middle seat on most of the flights and not sleeping at all

5.  AJJ / Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts / Rozwell Kid
Where:  The South
When:  November
High point:  Nashville hot chicken
Low point:  playing a set after eating hot chicken



Favorite things to listen to in the van on tour this year:
1 – Those new Baroness singles first thing each day on the Menzos tour.
2 – Steve Gunn’s “Way Out Weather” right after that.
3 – Probably that instrumental record I can never remember the name of immediately following, assuming its snowing or raining.
4 – 15 minutes of giggling about a new @airguitarcenter post.
5 – The sound of the van door opening after 8 hours of sitting in traffic.

Top 5 best tours we did this year, in no particular order:
• w/ Cheap Girls, Chris Farren, and Hard Girls
• w/ The Getup Kids, and Pup
• w/ The Early November, and Lydia
• w/ Crazy Arm, and Sam Russo
• w/ The Menzingers, mewithoutYou, and Pianos Become The Teeth

MVP of the Year: Jeff Meyers


1. The National Womens Soccer League
Womens soccer is my number one favorite thing I discovered in 2015. Did you see the USWNT win the fuck out of the World Cup? They were incredible. Watching this performance got me into the NWSL. Nothing better than watching a bunch of extremely talented ladies being total badasses. My team is Seattle Reign. I got into them via Rapinoe, and quickly fell in love with Little, Fishlock, Winters, and all the other incredible players on this perfect team. If you’re new to the sport or the league, get ready to be impressed and addicted. And pick up some merch. Even though these ladies arguably play better and smarter than their male counterparts, they’re paid a fraction of the amount the dudes are getting. Loving the NWSL feels like loving underground music. Get into it.

Inline image 1

2. Peau De Loup
As a queer person with female body but a pretty androgynous taste in style, it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit me the way I want them to. Enter Peau De Loup. I discovered this brand this year and immediately bought 5 shirts. They’re my new go-to and I want them to be huge. The company was started by a girl who much like myself, was just looking for that menswear style in a fit made for women. So she created it. I couldn’t be more thankful.
Inline image 2
3. Rix’s Tavern in Wilcox, AZ
When I was on the New Love Tour this past fall, my tourmates and I stopped for a night in Wilcox AZ. There was a cheap hotel there with great reviews, so that’s where we landed. We decided to go out and explore this tiny town and ended up at a bar called Rix’s (literally pronounced Rixes). We danced, we shot pool, we did karaoke, we made friends with the locals. I sang Carrie Underwood like it was my job. Talk about a one-of-a-kind experience.
Inline image 3
4. Dr Pepper, My New Tour Van
Last winter, my band and I were in a super rough accident on I-80 in Wyoming. We hit some ice and flipped our van. Luckily we all walked away unscathed, but the van was toast. Thanks to incredibly generous donations from fans and friends and family, I was able to buy my “new” van. It’s a 2002 Ford E350 V10, baby. It’s a powerhouse. It’s maroon. It’s name is Dr Pepper. For some reason I always pictured myself in a maroon tour van. I hope Dr Pep lasts me the 200k miles I know she’s got in her.
Inline image 4
5. SideOneDummy Records
Y’all, I am straight up obsessed with my new label. All my life I’ve just wanted to build a team around me who believe in what I’m doing as much as I do, and I truly believe I’ve found that at Side One. No group of ‘industry folk’ have ever been as inviting and receptive and just totally stoked on life. I’m so looking forward to many more years ahead with them!



We’ve reached the end of our Dummy Days Of December as we’re closing up the office tomorrow. So far we’ve told you inside details, stories, and thoughts on all of the records we’ve released in 2015, and we’re down to the final two. Today we’re going to talk a bit about The Lees Of Memory and their Record Store Day 7” Soft Places b/w Within A Dream II

Last year, we had the honor of releasing the debut album from The Lees Of Memory, Sisyphus Says. As most of you know by now, we had re-issued a couple Superdrag records and that’s how our relationship with John and Brandon really began. Sisyphus Says was a whirring ride through alternative rock and shoegaze that had everyone talking —Stereogum called it “expertly executed,” IMPOSE praised its “guitar-glossed guts and glory” while Exploding In Sound raved that the record was “wholeheartedly and uniquely sincere.

We’ve always loved Record Store Day and encourage fans to head to their local independent retailer to pick up some goods to support. So when the idea came up to do a special, limited RSD exclusive 7” with The Lees, we simply couldn’t pass it up! John is a huge audiophile and loves the vinyl format quite possibly more than his own children (JK!), so getting to work on this with him and the band was quite a treat.

Prior to RSD, we got to hang out with the band and their lovely wives/friends/family down at SXSW in Austin, TX. They played a couple killer showcases – one with BrooklynVegan and another with Burger Records – in addition to recording an outstanding session with Daytrotter.

Pick up the 7” and Sisyphus Says in our webstore NOW and get 15% off with the code: XMAS https://sideonedummy.com/search?q=the+lees+of+memory

Jamie’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Because we like to maintain a cloak of mystery when it comes to our web and social posts, we’ll just say that Jamie handles publicity and promotion here at SideOneDummy and here are her favorite albums of 2015 🙂

Pet Symmetry – Pets Hounds
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Harmlessness
The Front Bottoms – Back On Top
Foxing – Dealer
Des Ark – Everything Dies
Modern Baseball – MOBO Presents: The Perfect Cast
Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle
Shinobu – 10 Thermidor
Spraynard – Mable
Sorority Noise – Joy, Departed
Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit
Turnover – Peripheral Vision
Tenement – Predatory Headlights
Baroness – Purple (Yes, I am aware this comes out on Friday and I’ve only heard three songs from it so far. That’s how sure I am that this album is going to rule.)

Dummy Days Of December: MICROWAVE

Only a few days left of our Dummy Days Of December celebration, where we recap all of our releases from 2015 and then put them on sale and stuff. We started this whole thing with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?, gushed over Allison Weiss’ New Love, reflected on Safe To Say’s Hiding Games EP, freaked over Timeshares Already Dead, and wrapped up week once with Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato’s Kindred Spirit. On Monday we raved about Superheaven’s Ours Is Chrome, yesterday it was all about Meat Wave’s Delusion Moon, and today we’re talking about Microwave‘s split with Head North!

While it wasn’t a proper full-length, the split between Microwave and Head North was pretty hype-y over here solely because it was the first official release we got to do with Microwave after signing them earlier this year. After spending the last year and a half obsessing over this band, it was pretty great to finally have new music from them to share with the world.

We’ll never forget how we felt the night we heard those two new songs, “Thinking of you,” and “but not often.” We had been waiting and waiting and waiting, cutting it dangerously close to the deadline for vinyl turnaround, when finally, the YouSendIt link appeared in our inboxes. You guys have heard the songs– SO worth the wait, right??

This release was also special because we got to team up with one of our favorite young labels, Bad Timing Records. Head North is signed to BTR so it seemed like a natural idea to do a 50/50 release with their label. The only thing is that we really don’t like Thomas and Zack from BTR so that made things a bit difficult. Sike! Just making sure you’re still reading. We love them, obviously. They’ve got a real special thing going on over there and it was rad to get the chance to work with them on this release.

While Microwave are still a young band in a lot of people’s eyes, things have been progressing very quickly. When you think about it, one year ago, only a handful of people who either lived near them, saw them on tour, or watched their outstanding Audiotree session knew about Microwave. Today they’re one of the most talked about new bands in this community with so much on the horizon for 2016. We’re talking about the highly anticipated follow up to their debut album Stovall, which they’re going to record in January, some seriously epic touring plans that we just can’t wait to tell you about, festival appearances and so much more.

If you haven’t heard the Microwave / Head North split, today’s your lucky day! Pick it up for FREE for the next 24 hours: https://sideonedummy.bandcamp.com/album/split

Our Band’s Favorite Things of 2015: PART ONE

Everyone’s making year-end lists so we asked our bands to take part, too. Check out Safe To Say, PUP, Meat Wave and Astronautalis’ lists below!

Safe To Say

Album: To Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar
New Band: Dilly Dally
Show We Played: Our EP release show and Riot Fest
Live Performance: Smashing Pumpkins/Marilyn Manson
Movie: It Follows
Sports team: Blue Jays
Sneaker: Yeezy Boost 350 / AJ Chicago 1
Clothing Item: My Jeans. Pure Blue Japan. I think it’s been over a year since I washed them. They deserve a shoutout.
Book: Akira Vol. 1. Not new and not exactly a book, but finally picked it up.
Favourite Dad: Rich Fernandes
Favourite Publicist/Overall Good Person: Jamie Coletta


1. Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp A Butterfly
2. Mutoid Man: Bleeder
3. Titus Andronicus: The Most Lamentable Tragedy
4. Wilco: Star Wars
5. Jeff Rosenstock: We Cool?

Meat Wave

Top ten bands we played with in 2015:
Nuclear moms
Drive like jehu
Ex hex
Oui mais not
Dull aches


– The amazing music coming out of Germany right now, especially the albums Faded Love by George FitzGerald, Powers of Ten by Stephan Bodzin, and pretty much everything Boys Noize is doing.
– All of the books in “The Asian Saga” by James Clavell
– Watching a herd of American Bison at a watering hole just before sunset in Yellowstone over the summer.  I can’t stop thinking about that.
– How good these polka dot Nikes feel on me, because years of skateboarding, being an idiot, and wearing boots or vans has totally destroyed my feet:image1.PNG
– The first time I road a motorcycle on a frozen lake.

Dummy Days Of December: MEAT WAVE

Last week we kicked off our Dummy Days Of December by celebrating all of our releases from 2015. We started this whole thing with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?, gushed over Allison Weiss’ New Love, reflected on Safe To Say’s Hiding Games EP, freaked over Timeshares Already Dead, and wrapped up week once with Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato’s Kindred Spirit. Yesterday we raved about Superheaven’s Ours Is Chrome, and today it’s all about Meat Wave and their outstanding record Delusion Moon.

Instead of focusing on how we first discovered Meat Wave (through word of mouth, duh), we think this post would be better served by going through all the amazing things this band has accomplished this year. 

Still a new name to most, Meat Wave have been busting their asses since their record Delusion Moon came out in September. The band played both the Denver and Chicago versions of Riot Fest, ruled at both, and then embarked on crazy two-month tour of the US, UK and Europe before wrapping it all up this past weekend. They played The Fest in Gainesville, FL, where we were all pleasantly surprised to see fans singing along and moshing, and Icelandic Airwaves in – yup, you guessed it – Iceland a week later. The stop in Iceland kicked off a near month-long trek of Europe and the UK before the band released a new b-side called “Symmy” to appease their constantly growing audience. 

Every show seemed bigger than the last in both attendance and importance, all the way through to this past Saturday’s sold out headlining show at The Empty Bottle in their hometown of Chicago, IL. We weren’t there but fans flooded Instagram with photos and videos of their blistering set, so much that we could feel the energy through the screen. 

If you haven’t listened to Delusion Moon yet, we highly recommend it. As if the many comparisons to Hot Snakes, Cloud Nothings, and Metz aren’t enough, the album’s been on a bunch of year-end lists, like this one from Noisey. It’s easily the record everyone will be talking about throughout 2016 as friends start talking and more people start seeing the band live, so why not get into it now? 

Here’s an incentive to check ’em out– for ONE DAY only, you can get Delusion Moon for just $5 through our Bandcamp:

Alex’s Favorite Albums of 2015

If you’ve ever ordered anything from our web store, there’s been a set of hands that touches basically every package and sends it on its way to you, the fans. That’s our warehouse manager Alex Cornejo. He understands the importance in getting the records safely into your hands and is a big reason why people constantly compliment our customer service. He also helps on the social media front (he’s the one behind some of those hilarious gifs!), spreading the word about all of our bands upcoming tour dates, albums, singles, and more.

Check out Alex’s favorite albums of 2015 below. Let him know what you think on Twitter: @BichoAlex

Hop Along – Painted Shut
In addition to Spotify’s 2015 Year In Review statistics, if there were stats on how many times I played this on CD and on my USB in my car, this record was the most played album, songs, anything for me all year…hands down. Terrific album from front to back. Having seen them live at FYF Fest in 2015, you could say that Frances’ voice is a such a key element to this band (and it is) but every person in this band brings forth their own unique component that helped make one of the best records of 2015. I hope they found a Taco Bell after their set at FYF Fest cause god damn they deserved it.

Title Fight – Hyperview
There’s certain bands that people just like to nitpick at. I feel like Title Fight is one of them. They made 2 great full lengths with SideOneDummy and with them joining ANTI Records in 2015, the hype was strong. Would it be better than the last? Would it be a return to their 1st album? It was neither. ‘Hyperview’ was it’s on entity and once you A) put aside any expectations and B) trusted the band to make music they believe in – it eventually would all fall into place. Musical tastes change as you grow older and it shows on this album’s hints of new influences.

The Sidekicks – Runners In The Nerved World
This one was an easy one for me. Having waited 3 years since ‘Awkward Breeds,’ I was clearly going to be all over this one. It was my 2015 Top Album on Spotify and ‘Ball Don’t Lie.’

Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta La Raiz
I jumped on this late in the year after having watched her “What’s In My Bag?” on Amoeba.com just recently. Let’s see, she picked albums by Joni Mitchell, Michael Kiwanuka, Nick Drake and Cat Power – tons of artists I enjoy. Gave her new album a new listen and I was sold. Beautiful voice combined with some indie rock all in Spanish. Some good mood music when you need a pick-me-up.

Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room – Party Adjacent
A lot of my friends were raving about Dan’s previous album, ‘Hurricane Season.’ Just as I always do, I took a listen to the new album instead. I’ve grown out of anything new the Alkaline Trio has put out and with all my favorite artists growing older, as well as myself, I feel like this speaks to me more so: the vibe, lyric content, influences, etc.

Kurt Vile – believe i’m going down
Bob Dylan + Ryan Adams + Velvet Underground + Neil Young = this new Kurt Vile record. I’m 100% OK with this.

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell
The dark horse for me this year. A very dark themed album written beautifully. I’ve always leaned towards the more melancholy side of music. I mean, what what the fuck was a 13 year old doing  diving heavenly into an album called ‘Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness’ anyways? There were so many much “happier” albums at that time. Oh well. Getting older, continuing to learn life lessons, being a parent, being a husband, the constant thoughts/worries in our heads – and we try to balance all of this at once without trying to lose your mind. Sometimes you do lose it and I think ‘Carrie and Lowell’ covers a lot of that ground. My favorite moment on this album is the haunting drag of “We’re all gonna die…” in ‘Fourth of July.

The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness
My boss, Joe, described something the other that that best fits how I got into this album. You end up hearing so much about something that you almost end up hating it before you even try it. Then you eventually tap into it and you find out that it’s really REALLY good. This was me getting into The Weeknd after years of hearing about him. Glad I stopped being a hater.

Dummy Days Of December: SUPERHEAVEN

Today is the sixth day of our Dummy Days Of December. As a reminder, from now until we close shop on Friday, we’ll be highlighting a different 2015 release each day. We’ve got exclusive contests, sales, stories, and more lined up for the next two weeks — just keep your eyes peeled here and on our socials for deals and more!

We’re kicking this week off with Superheaven’s Ours Is Chrome.

Prior to the release of Ours Is Chrome, we hung with the dudes in Superheaven a couple times. We all got along, and the hangs were solid, but it wasn’t until this past February that we truly became family. The dudes were in town on tour with Turnstile, and their flights home were cancelled so they ended up crashing at the office for over a week. Honestly, by the end of that trip, we could’ve hung out for another two weeks! That’s how tight we all got during that trip.

It’s also the same time that we filmed the video for “Next To Nothing.” The idea for the video spurred from our sales/marketing dude George but the band really made it their own. This video wouldn’t have been the same without the superior acting skills and ideas of Taylor, Joe, Jake and Zack. After laughing hysterically at the finished product, we collectively realized that what started as a funny video for our YouTube had to be treated more like a proper music video. We premiered it with our friends at Noisey in April and it’s been racking up views ever since.

Looking back, we’re all really proud of that one. It kicked off a series of in-house videos that we produced, filmed, and edited ourselves (along with our fantastic videographer Clay Tatum), including Timeshares “Spend The Night,” Allison Weiss’ How To Get Signed announcement, Restorations “Tiny Prayers,” and more.

Not long after Ours Is Chrome came out in May, rave reviews started piling in, most notable of which was Rolling Stone, who declared the band one of their artists to watch that month, and NPR, who shared the gruesome video for “Gushin’ Blood” to celebrate the start of the band’s headlining tour.

What’s 2016 got in store for Superheaven? We’re hoping for much more touring! People need to see this band live. We caught what may have been their strongest performance yet at The Fest back in October, and if that set was any indicator of what’s coming next, we’re STOKED.

Today only, pick up a digital download of Ours Is Chrome on our Bandcamp for only $5: https://superheavenband.bandcamp.com/album/ours-is-chrome

Kevin’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Meet our marketing coordinator, Kevin. He’s a big part of keeping all of our sales and marketing initiatives in check, tour marketing, and getting our bands potential placements in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Along with George, Kevin is the newest addition to our family, having just started here about a year ago. But before that, he was our intern forever. He hustled during his internship and that’s really what sealed the deal when it came time to hire a new marketing coordinator. Kevin also owns a significant amount of stock in Wingstop, In-N-Out Burger, and official Morrissey-branded merchandise.

Here are Kevin’s favorite albums of 2015:

Marching Church – The World Is Not Enough
The Garden –  Haha
Death Grips – The Powers That B
Soko – Dreams Dictate My Reality
Grimes – Art Angels
Killing Joke – Pylon
Bjork – Vulnicura
Tame Impala – Currents
Part Time – Virgo’s Maze
Title Fight – Hyperview


Wrapping up the first week of Dummy Days Of December today. As a reminder, from now until we close shop on the 18th, we’ll be highlighting a different 2015 release each day. We’ve got exclusive contests, sales, stories, and more lined up for the next two weeks — just keep your eyes peeled here and on our socials for deals and more!

We started the celebration on Monday with Jeff Rosenstock’s We Cool?went back to Allison Weiss’ New Lovegushed over Safe To Say’s Hiding Gamesgot a lil more in-depth on Timeshares Already Dead,  and today it’s all about that beautiful split 10’’ from Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato, Kindred Spirit.

Like most great things in our community, a big motivating factor for the Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato split came from a fan at Fest 13. He asked when we were gonna make that split happen. It was cool to hear from a stranger about something like this and have the ability to actually make it come to life. So we got back from Gainesville with all the drive and excitement we needed to finally put this in action. Talked to Chuck, talked to Rocky… easy. They’re longtime friends. And thus, Kindred Spirit was born.

When it came time to promote the release, both Chuck and Rocky were pretty busy between their personal lives and touring plans, so there was no chance of making a new video for either side of the split. So we called on our pal Jeff Rosenstock to create unique lyric videos for each song. Both Chuck and Rocky’s songs are so deeply personal and, at the same time, relatable, that we thought it’d be cool to see someone handwriting the lyrics down in a notebook or journal. Jeff really helped bring the idea to light and made not one but TWO great videos to help spread the word on the release.

Watch Chuck’s “Vagabond” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBc-DvF7PQU

Watch Rocky’s “Sparks Of Recovery” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzWGdtJCXp8

For TODAY only, the split is up on our Bandcamp for just $3! That’s three bucks for six songs– talk about a deal! 😉