It feels like summer in October…

Mondays usually suck. You wake up in a post-Sunday haze and all you wanna do is shut off the alarm and go back to bed. Don’t worry – we get it. But today is very different. It’s not like other Mondays. We jumped out of bed today. And if you have a plane ticket with your name on it for later this week, you probably know why. IT’S FEST WEEK, BABY!!!!!

We’ve packed our bags (okay we haven’t packed yet whatever) and on Thursday, will jump on a flight from LAX to Gainesville (okay I think we stop in Charlotte or something whatever) for our favorite weekend of the year: THE FEST!

We’ll be set up at registration on Friday with some seriously cool records for sale PLUS a limited, one-time-only FEST EXCLUSIVE shirt designed by our best friend Zack Mykula of PUP!

We’ve also got a list of like a million bands to see (okay maybe more like 30 but hey at Fest that’s basically a million), including a bunch of our own…

– 11:50PM Timeshares @ The Wooly
– 12:50AM Restorations @ The Wooly

– 2:04PM Joe Sib @ Rockey’s Comedy
– 7:40PM Superheaven @ Cowboys
– 10:50PM Meat Wave @ Boca Fiesta
– 11:40PM Rozwell Kid @ Boca Fiesta

– 3:28PM Joe Sib @ Rockey’s Comedy
– 3:50PM Jeff Rosenstock @ Lot 10
– 5:00PM PUP @ Lot 10

There are a whole bunch of other bands you should try to see, too, like our friends in Spraynard, who let us put their music on 7” records, and Modern Baseball, who will be going on tour with PUP and Jeff Rosenstock immediately following Fest.

No matter what, it’s gonna be a great weekend and WE CANNOT WAIT! Now how do we fast forward to Friday morning…


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