Allison Weiss teams up with Stay Home Club for exclusive patch collaboration!

Okay, fine. We spend a lot of time on Instagram. Whatever! If it weren’t for our hours of endless lurking through the discover page on the ‘gram, we would’ve never learned about Stay Home Club, a killer fashion/lifestyle/whatever brand based in Canada. Their products truly spoke to us — a tee with a poodle and text that reads “Nothing Fancy,” a patch with a frowny teardrop that says “Sad Songs Forever” on it, etc etc.

Fast forward to when we first heard Allison’s new jams. All of a sudden, fireworks and light bulbs were going off all over the place! So we send SHC the album, asked if they would be down for something a little crazy, and of course they said yes!

Today we’re stoked to announce the launch of an exclusive line of patches inspired by Allison Weiss’s new record New Love, available only at!

Seriously though, how amazing are these patches?! Our friends at HelloGiggles seem to agree, too:

Oh… and order any of the Stay Home Club x Allison Weiss patches and you’ll get a free download of her latest single “Back To Me” right away!

New Love comes out Friday October 2.
Pick it up here:

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