WHAT A YEAR! Our favorite S1D moments of 2014

Alright, so we already told you guys about our Favorite Albums of 2014. So today we thought it’d be cool to reflect back on all the cool stuff we did here at S1D this year. We seriously put out way too many good records, videos, singles and more to not have an entire blog post dedicated to them. So without any further hype, the moment you’ve all been so anxiously waiting for, here are some of our favorite S1D moments of 2014, as told by staffers Matt Baldwin, Christina Johns, Thomas Dreux, Alex Cornejo and Jamie Coletta!


Favorite Show:  The Menzingers, Lemuria, PUP, Cayetana @ The Roxy on June 21st
Favorite Live From SideOneDummy clip: Andrew Jackson Jihad – Children Of God
Favorite Video: Restorations – “Separate Songs”
Favorite Trip (if you took one): Fest 13
Favorite Song:Restorations – “Separate Songs”
Favorite Album: PUP – PUP
Favorite Album Cover: Restorations – LP3
Favorite Storytellers clip: Chris Farren


Favorite Show: Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Troubadour 7/30/14
Favorite Live From SideOneDummy clip: Chuck Ragan – “Non-Typical”
Favorite Video: PUP – “Mabu”
Favorite Trip (if you took one): SXSW 2013
Favorite Song: Violent Soho – “Covered In Chrome”
Favorite Album: Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost
Favorite Album Cover: Restorations – LP3
Favorite Storytellers clip: Kyle Kinane




Favorite Show: Andrew Jackson Jihad at The Troubadour 7/30/14
Favorite Live From SideOneDummy clip: Andrew Jackson Jihad “Do, Re, & Me” aka Sean and his mic bouquet
Favorite Video: PUP – “Guilt Trip”
Favorite Trip (if you took one): FEST!
Favorite Song: “Separate Songs” by Restorations
Favorite Album: PUP – PUP
Favorite Album Cover: Restorations – LP3
Favorite Storytellers Clip: Christian Hand

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.55.16 PM
(There’s Sean with his flower bouquet microphone!)


Favorite Show: The Menzingers + Lemuria + PUP + Cayetana at The Roxy 6/21/14
Favorite Live from SideOneDummy clip: PUP on KEXP
Favorite Video: Restorations – “Separate Songs”
Favorite Trip (if you took one): PERU!
Favorite Song: Tie – Chuck Ragan “For All We Care” / Restorations “All My Home”
Favorite Album: PUP – PUP
Favorite Album Cover: Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.26.33 AM
(PUP at The Roxy, 6/21/14. Photo by L.A. Record)


Favorite Show: This one is a three way tie between

  • Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Troubadour 7/30/14
  • PUP at some random kid’s garage in Temecula, CA 10/22/14
  • Jeff Rosenstock x The Smith Street Band x The Bennies at The Fest 11/2/14

Favorite Live From SideOneDummy clip:
Working at S1D certainly has its perks. This year, I had this surreal moment where I poked my head out of my office one afternoon and there was Chuck Ragan and his band The Camaraderie, literally performing their entire new album in our fucking office! What! It was crazy. I’ve been listening to Chuck and his outputs for years so it was totally unreal. Needless to say, any clips from that session will bring a positive feeling to mind so here’s Chuck Ragan and the gang performing “Something May Catch Fire” about 8 feet from my office door.

Favorite Video: This is a tough one but I’ll have to go with PUP and their outstanding video for “Guilt Trip.” We’ve had so many killer videos this year so it’s almost impossible to pick one single favorite but I’m just obsessed with the storyline of “Guilt Trip” (yeah, lil baby cop killaz!). I use this video to turn people onto PUP all the time!

Favorite Trip (if you took one): The answer to this question every single year from now until forever will be The Fest in Gainesville, FL.

Favorite Song: Another tie. I don’t care. This one is between PUP “Dark Days,” which Spotify tells me was my #1 most played track of the year, and The Smith Street Band “Surrey Dive.”

Favorite Album: We put out a stupid amount of great albums this year so again, it’s impossible to choose, but if I had to say, it’s between Restorations LP3  and  The Smith Street Band’s Throw Me In The River. Both have completely taken me over ever since I first heard the demos. I’m so blown away by each record every time I listen. On TSSB, the storytelling is spot on – at times you feel like laughing and others, downright empty inside. And with LP3, it’s a cinematic and truly exciting listen from start to finish!

Favorite Album Cover: Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

Favorite Storytellers clip: Erik Griffin talking about his First Gig and winding up inspiring the entire freaking room!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.26.14 PM
(Talk about epic moments! Craig from The Bennies singing along to “Young Drunk” by The Smith Street Band, led by Jeff Rosenstock. Fest 13. 11/2/14. Photo by Kara Smarsh.)




One Year of PUP

We don’t normally do these kinds of blog posts. You know, the ones where we ramble on and on about how great our bands are. JK we do that all the time. But this one is a little different. It’s a little sentimental.

Thanks to this really cool app called Timehop, we learned that yesterday was the one year anniversary of when we announced the signing of PUP. Of course, we knew we had signed them earlier than that but the official announcement was exactly one year ago this week. How cool is that!

It’s been so remarkable to see how far this band has gone in just one year’s time. From watching them play to a handful of people in a gross basement here in Los Angeles to the overwhelming reaction to their first ever set at The Fest in Gainesville a couple months back, we’re so proud of PUP and can’t wait to continue the world takeover with those dudes.

Happy anniversary, PUP!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.08.49 PM

S1D: Favorite Albums of 2014

We could probably fill an entire book with words about how great our releases were this year. And it’s not just us saying it. Places like The A.V. Club, Consequence of Sound, Punk News, Treble Zine and more have been singing the praises of our 2014 releases, too!

On our end, we’re just truly honored to have had a tiny hand in getting these killer records into all of your hands this year.

  • The Gaslight Anthem – The B-Sides
  • Chuck Ragan – Till Midnight
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island
  • PUP – PUP
  • Restorations – LP3
  • The Smith Street Band – Throw Me In The River
  • Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost
  • The Lees Of Memory – Sisyphus Says
  • JAWS – Be Slowly

2014 release sale albums

So here’s to 2014, one of the best years this label has ever seen. These albums could truly fill all of our personal “best of” lists so we’ve opted to list our favorite non-S1D releases instead because a whole bunch of other labels have had a great year, too!

Without further ado, OUR LISTS:

Christina Johns – production

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Mended With Gold
Rozwell Kid – Too Shabby
Antarctigo Vespucci – I’m So Tethered + Soulmate Stuff (together they equal a full length, eh?)
Cheap Girls – Famous Graves
Hard Girls – A Thousand Surfaces
Radiator Hospital – Torch Song
Cayetana – Nervous Like Me
The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams
The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There
Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else
Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All

Jamie Coletta – publicity & promotion

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All
Hard Girls – A Thousand Surfaces
Colombian Necktie – Twilight Upon Us
Rozwell Kid – Too Shabby
Cayetana – Nervous Like Me
Dikembe – Mediumship
Braid – No Coast
The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There
Fireworks – Oh, Common Life
Microwave – Stovall
Gates – Bloom & Breathe

Favorite Song: Strand Of Oaks – “Goshen 97”

Matt Baldwin – audio/video engineer

1. The Lawrence Arms – Metropole
2. Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else
3. The Menzingers – Rented World
4. Tigers Jaw – Charmer
5. Beach Slang – Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street (EP) + Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? (EP)
6. The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams
7. Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All
8. Antarctigo Vespucci – Soulmate Stuff (EP) + I’m So Tethered (EP)
9. Cayetana – Nervous Like Me
10. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

George Slater – marketing

Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost
The Dirty Heads – Sound Of Change

Rancid – Honor Is All We Know

Thomas Dreux – general manager
(no Twitter bc he rules)


Twin Peaks – Wild Onion
Allison Weiss – Remember When
J Mascis – Tied to a Star
Ed Sheeran – X
Temples – Sun Structures
Strand Of Oaks – Heal
Attuned Vibrations – Solfegio Frequencies
Eagulls – S/T
Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

Alex Cornejo – warehouse manager

1. Souvenirs – You, Fear & Me
Tim interned here at SideOneDummy a while back and in getting to know him better, I got to know his musical tastes more and when he told me he was in a band I figured it would sound like a little bit of all those rad bands we talked about. It sure does. I’ve gotten every song they’ve put out thanks to Tim and to see them finally put out a full length is fuckin awesome. Great band. Listen to them now and get a head start.

2. El Michels Affair – Loose Change EP
‘Sounding Out The City’ came out in 2005 and it absolutely blew my mind. Because of that album, I kept my eyes and ears on EVERYTHING that Truth And Soul Records put out. Ten years later and even though a lot of this is songs already released, there’s some stuff I never heard and anything NEW from this band is gonna make it on my top list.

3. Spoon – They Want My Soul
I can’t believe Spoon waited 4 years to put out something new. Luckily though, it was probably them just perfecting an amazing record. It was worth the wait.

4. Tigers Jaw – Charmer
TJ had fallen in that bands “I’ve heard of, but never heard them” category. You know that category. With a new record coming out and the opportunity of full album streams online, I gave Charmer a listen and was glad to finally take TJ out of that above mentioned category.

5. Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else
I got way into ‘Attack on Memory,’ there was just no way I wasn’t going to pay attention to whatever CN put out next. Became a big fan of the band’s music, it was a no brainer that this album was on heavy rotation for me all year.

6. Alvvays – S/T
Great upbeat indie rock pop music. Kind of music that makes you wish you were in the music video to every song just having tons of fun and hanging out with great people and maybe you’re sharing ice cream with your crush or something. Right? No?

7. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Emma Jean
Another artist that I discovered via Truth and Soul Records. Listen to Lee’s song, “Honey Dove” and let me know if you’re not gonna be following this dude’s musical career.

8. Mogwai – Rave Tapes
I saw Mogwai live many years ago and thought they were just so boring live. I was bummed. I needed a break from them. Then a new album comes out and I decided to end my Mogwai hibernation. I’ve accepted that Mogwai is just gonna be best listened to on records. I’m OK with that. This album reaffirms that.

9. The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt
I might be biased, but I’ll always have much love for these guys and no matter what direction they take, one thing is for certain: they don’t give a f***. Too much is talked about whether it’s still cool like this band or not. I say grow up and listen if you like and dismiss if you don’t and that’s it. This album has some jams on it especially “Underneath The Ground.” Coooooold bloooooded.

10. I listened to Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co. and Neil Young (Crazy Horse)’s Zuma so much in 2014 that no one else really deserves to be in this spot.

Stream DRESSES new EP on Pandora!

It’s been over a year since Dresses first released that wonderful debut that we all know as Sun Shy. *siiiigh* We still remember the day we first heard that album. We fell in love instantly!
And just as fast as Dresses popped up on our radar, their infectious indie-pop sing alongs took the world by storm.

Needless to say, after spending an entire year jamming songs like “Blew My Mind” and “Painting Roses,” we were so stoked when Jared and Timothy sent over the tracks for their brand new EP, Lonely One. And now everyone else in the world can finally get a listen, too! From today until next week, you can stream Dresses Lonely One EP in its entirety over at Pandora!


Andrew Jackson Jihad announce tour with The Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock and Chumped!

In what is bound to make major news headlines all over the country, our darlings Andrew Jackson Jihad will be hitting the road next spring and are bringing along some really cool friends for the ride. Presented by The A.V. Club, the tour of the century will include The Smith Street BandJeff Rosenstock and Chumped on all dates, kicking off March 18 in Baltimore.

press-cmyk-gram (1)
All details are at The A.V. Club: http://s1dm.my/AJJTour2015
and tickets go on sale this Friday December 12 via: andrewjacksonjihad.com

Weds Mar 18 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
Thurs Mar 19 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
Fri Mar 20 – Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw
Sat Mar 21 – Boston, MA – Royale
Sun Mar 22 – Montreal, QC – Petit Campus
Tues Mar 24 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
Weds Mar 25 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
Thurs Mar 26 – Detroit, MI – The Magic Stick
Fri Mar 27 – Chicago, IL – Metro
Sat Mar 28 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights
Sun Mar 29 – Kansas City, MO – The Granada
Tues Mar 31 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Thurs Apr 2 – Boise, ID – The Shredder
Fri Apr 3 – Seattle, WA – Neumo’s
Sat Apr 4 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw
Sun Apr 5 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
Tues Apr 7 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
Fri Apr 10 – San Diego, CA – Irenic
Sat Apr 11 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex

The Smith Street Band announce GET HIGH, SEE EVERYONE tour with PUP!

Well, in this week’s most insanely cool news, The Smith Street Band have announced their Get High, See Everyone Australian headlining tour and guess what? They’re bringing PUP along for the ride! It’ll be PUP’s first time in Australia and our first time being jealous of an entire continent for hosting such a rad lineup.

If you’re from Australia, which we know many of you are, we really hope you go out to this run. Maybe we’ll do some contests around it for the best live photos of each band since they’re both, you know, absolutely EPIC!!! $20 to the first person who gets Stefan from PUP to do a shooey!!



THE SMITH STREET BAND: Favorite Albums of 2014

While most of you will likely have The Smith Street Band‘s new album Throw Me In The River on YOUR personal favorite albums of 2014 lists (as you should), you might be surprised to see some of the stuff that wound up on their list! We asked drummer and all around wonderful human being Chris Cowburn to tell us what he loved in 2014 and man, he listened to a lot of great records, that’s for sure.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.10.16 AM


1. PUP – s/t – Technically released in 2013 I think, but whatever. This album grew on me slowly and very steadily, until all of a sudden I couldn’t get the fucking songs out of my head, even when I wanted to! So many vocal hooks, great backing vocals, interesting angular lead guitar, creative drums – these dudes are fucking incredible musicians! Can’t wait to get schooled by them on tour in 2015!


2. Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues – A bunch of people have said it, and I’m gonna join them… A return to form! The album was a long time coming, but Laura Jane’s transition and a couple of line-up changes over the last couple of years have reinvigorated this band in my opinion. There’s a rawness and honesty that has returned within the lyrical content that is as good and as powerful as anything Against Me have ever done.


3. Luca Brasi – By a Thread – Not as immediate as their first album, but a huge step in maturity for my best Tassie bros. Like a lot of the stuff I love, lyrically it tends to have a “hopeless, but hopeful” outlook. Tyler’s lyrics are honest, personal and inspiring. Busby’s lead guitar work is out of this world. Pat’s vocal range is incredible and his harmonies add so much depth. And Danny’s drums are absolutely rock solid. Love you Luca.


4. Pinch Hitter – When Friends Die In Accidents – What a fucking beautiful and heartbreaking record! But still somehow remains happy and hopeful! It’s really well recorded, uses a huge variety of interesting instrumentation and expands on their live show so much that I was blown away on first listen. Side B, track 2, “All Of a Sudden” is just about my song of the year and sums up this band and album to a tee.


5. Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else – My most anticipated album of this year, and it did not fail to deliver. Fuzzy, poppy guitars, amazing drumming. I read that they intentionally left a lot of the songwriting for this album unfinished until they were in the studio, which I reckon gives it all a cool rawness and immediacy. Feels like the whole thing is a brooding build up to the “I’m Not Part Of Me” release at the end.


6. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again – Originally criticised this album for it’s length (or lack thereof), then my good pal Jeff pointed out that it’s as if they wrote a 45-minute album and then removed ever part that wasn’t a hook. And stupid me, I should’ve known that and appreciated it for what it was, because that’s what Joyce Manor do! And when I listened to it with fresh perspective…Holy shit… Jeff’s right, literally all of the 19 minutes are hooks (beginning to sense an obvious theme in my taste in music).


7. Hard Girls – A Thousand Surfaces – I was first played this album by Wil from our band after he kept yelling “SPACE!” repeatedly, haha. I fucking love this album and find it’s sequencing very interesting… Starts out with a succession of the most upfront, catchy, fist-pumping, “fuck yeah” moment songs you’ll ever hear, then takes a huge dip to slow, sombre and roomy, only to bring it all back and resolve itself by the closer “Eddie Vedder.” Had the pleasure of meeting and watching these dudes in the USA. Lovely guys and killer live band! Screw that shit to the wall!


8. The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream – This was the album I had on heavy rotation for the majority of the time I was doing the artwork for our latest album. The melancholy tinged with hope suited the Australian winter perfectly. It has a sound from my childhood so familiar, that I couldn’t put my finger on for ages, until I realised that’s because it takes influence from SO much stuff; Bob Dylan, Dire Straights, Bruce Springsteen, etc. They’re all there. And it rules!


9. Ceres – I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here – Super simple, catchy and extremely hook-laden songs played by very lovely dudes. Tom from this band is an awesome lyricist and does heartbreak, self-deprecation and self-doubt so well!


10. La Dispute – Rooms of the House – Could never really get into this band, until I saw them live at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, and whoa – I was hooked. Not just the energy, passion and story-telling, but how great they sound. The way the almost-clean guitar sits above the fat, roomy drums is absolutely killer. And it translates so well on this album. It’s like the music is a soundscape for the stories told in the lyrics.


Special Mentions

Menzingers – Rented World

Manchester Orchestra – Cope

Restorations – LP3

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

Real Estate – Atlas

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All



The Bennies – Heavy Disco

Apart From This – Spinning

Oslow – Days Are So Bright Now

Meet our newest Dummy, George!

Spirits are high here at S1D HQ and it’s quite a bit thanks to our newest Dummy, George Slater!

George (aka Geo, as you will find out below) comes to us from SJC Drums where he absolutely ruled their marketing and artist relations for several years. Epic shout out to our friend Chris from No Sleep for recommending him to us!

To help you guys get to know Geo a bit more,  we asked him a few simple questions. Go ahead and follow him on social media, say hi, send him funny gifs, whatever! Help us welcome the new guy!


George SlaterNICKNAME:

Sales & Marketing Director

Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost (mind blowing record!)

Rancid in Southampton UK – 2003


Surfing, running, hugs with my cat, watching the Ducks win the Stanley Cup!


@Geo_Slater – Instagram / Twitter etc!

The 2015 Vinyl Club is here!!

Forescore and seven years ago… JK.

Twenty years ago, two friends by the names of Joe Sib and Bill Armstrong decided to create their own record label. What started as a way for them to put out records from their friends bands turned into the powerhouse that we are today! And next year, we will be celebrating our 20th birthday! Not quite old enough to drink but come on, you know we already have fake IDs.

Anyway, to help celebrate this momentous occasion and simultaneously usher in a new era of S1D, we are launching our first ever 2015 Vinyl Club!!!!

vinyl club instagram no text

For $150 (plus shipping), members will receive:
– All 2015 releases on the most limited LP color variant
– All 2015 releases delivered digitally one week before street date
– Exclusive ’20 Years Of Rad Noises’ t-shirt designed by Terminal Radness
– A year-round 15% discount code for the webstore
– Extra goodies like posters, slipmats, stickers, coffee mugs, 7’’ and more

Pre-orders for the Vinyl Club are available now via: http://s1dm.my/2015VinylClub.OH! One more cool thing. Fans who sign up by December 31 are automatically entered to win an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable!
Next year is already shaping up to be an exciting one here at S1D HQ. Our first 2015 release will be the physical version of The Smith Street Band’s legendary new album Throw Me In The River. Highly anticipated releases from new signees Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry!) and Superheaven will come shortly after with official pre-orders launching in January/February. And that’s just the start of it!

Listen to THE DAN BAND’s new album ‘HO’ on Pandora Premieres!

Nothing says holiday cheer quite like The Dan Band’s 2007 album HO: A Dan Band Christmas. Next week, we release this beauty on vinyl and CD for the FIRST TIME EVER! Cool, right?! Well the LP, complete with ugly holiday sweater and ornament add-ons, is currently available for pre-order here: http://s1dm.my/TheDanBandXmas.
In addition, starting today, HO is streaming in its entirety exclusively via Pandora Premiereshttp://pdora.co/1yacbwZ