Crazy thing… we actually like music!

Sometimes it feels like labels are so promo-heavy that it just doesn’t feel real. We wanted you guys to know just how real we keep it by telling you about all the bands we’re loving that AREN’T S1D bands. Granted, we do love our bands and listen to them all the time. The day just doesn’t feel right until we’ve blasted PUP‘s “Mabu” or Restorations “Tiny Prayers,” amongst many other pump-up jams we’ve released. But we also listen to a whole bunch of other stuff and thought it might be cool to share some of that with you guys.

There are two ways you can find out what we’re all into here at S1D HQ:

1. Check out The Basement! It’s our very own, 24/7 radio station hosted by the cool cats over at Dash Radio. You can listen along at or if you have an iPhone, download the FREE Dash Radio app and find “The Basement” to tune in. A couple staffers here have their own shows, too, so if you really want to creep on us and what we’re into, that’s the best way.

The Basement Logo

2. Check out our Spotify playlist called WE ACTUALLY LIKE MUSIC. Cool name, right? Thanks. Came up with it ourselves. Anyway, we update this usually once a week or whenever we hear a new song that we’re obsessing over. You can listen to our playlist right here: and REMEMBER to check back on it every couple weeks to see what else we’re digging.

And of course, follow us on the internet. We talk about music all the time. It’s the best.


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