Are you listening to The Basement?!

Guys. I know we’ve mentioned it before but last month, we teamed up with our friend DJ SKEE (remember him from Storytellers?) to launch THE BASEMENT, our very own 24/7 radio station on Dash Radio!!

The Basement Logo
Look how cool that logo looks!!

If you want to listen, which you definitely do, head to and click on THE BASEMENT. Or you can always download the F R E E app on iOS and listen through your iPhone. Whichever! We don’t care! We just want to provide sweet jams and playlists to accompany you wherever you are in your day. Put it on at work, at home, in the car… it’s seriously perfect for any and all of these occasions! Actually, throw a party and put us on. $20 you’ll get compliments on the playlist! Seriously! We will give you $20 if someone complains about The Basement at your party.

To help convince you, here’s a taste of what we just played…

  • The Gaslight Anthem – Drive
  • Superheaven – Life In A Jar
  • Runaway Brother – Summer Autumn
  • The Wonder Years – Local Man Ruins Everything
  • The Clash – Complete Control
  • Downtown Struts – Southpaw
  • The Lawrence Arms – Your Gravest Words
  • Modern Baseball – Going To Bed Now
  • Self Defense Family – Cancel Man
  • The Menzingers – Casey

Told ya it was cool! See you on the airwaves!

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