PUP covered Buzzcocks for A.V. Club Undercover

Yo. Remember when you were first getting into punk and there were those couple songs that you just HAD to hear? Like, if you’re first diving into punk, you’ve gotta listen to stuff from The Clash, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, etc.

Sometimes that required a newer band you loved covering the song to help get you into the OG band’s discography. Well luckily for any of you fools who haven’t heard of a little ol band called Buzzcocks (and for those who have), our boys PUP recorded this incredible cover of “Ever Fallen In Love” for The AV Club’s Undercover series. And guess what? Big shocker. Get ready.


Watch it here and then go listen/buy everything from Buzzcocks because duh.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.59.02 PM


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