Fuse premieres Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Temple Grandin” video

Head over to FUSE today to check out the brand new Andrew Jackson Jihad video for Christmas Island album opener “Temple Grandin.”

Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic!!


Filmed in Los Angeles, the “Temple Grandin” video is the brainchild of director/editor Joe Stakun, director of photography Eric Bader and producer Hannah Getz. This small, dare-we-say DIY team of 3 (along with their staff of incredibly helpful P.A.s, of course) took some of the more visual themes within the song and brought them to life on three massive projector screens in an L.A. soundstage.

“There’s a Moon Man in Joe Stakun’s future for sure,” said singer/guitarist Sean Bonnette. “This video is the perfect visual representation of Temple Grandin. We loved every minute of making it.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.08.39 PM

Christmas Island comes out May 6. To pre-order, please visit: http://onchristmasisland.com



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