Happy release day, PUP!

Happy release day to our Canadian brothers, PUP! We know we say we’re stoked all the time, and that’s because we are, but we’re REALLY stoked to finally have this record out across the world.

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Sometime last summer, one of the brilliant minds here at S1D (hi, Kenny) sent around an album by a band called PUP. We were immediately hooked. We started playing the record several times a day and after hearing about how insane their performance at CMJ was, we knew they were a perfect fit.

Fast forward to today and we’re proud to be releasing their incredible debut album. Full of unforgettable hooks and unbridled energy, PUP’s self-titled debut will go down as one of our favorite SideOneDummy releases and hope you all enjoy it!

Stream the album on YouTube: http://s1dm.my/1gzl0bg
Stream the album on Spotify: http://s1dm.my/QZt8HR
Buy it in our store: http://s1dm.my/PUP_PUP
Buy it on iTunes: http://s1dm.my/PUP_iTunes

And check out some of the great things people are saying about PUP:

“Glorious shout-alongs, beefy riffs, bursts of feedback and furious energy.” 

“A perfect ten… by the laws of Pitchfork’s nerdy algebraic backroom formula, it should receive a 10.0. On The A.V. Club’s elementary school-style letter grading system, it merits an A+.”

“With a beer in hand and an irreverent middle finger on the other, PUP makes punk rock effortless.”
 Consequence Of Sound

“Catchy, anthemic and raw as hell.”
–  BrooklynVegan

“It’s a tricky balance between aggression and pop, and they get it just right.”
–  Stereogum

“Intelligent and visceral in equal measure, PUP is effortlessly cool, charmingly nerdy and wholly brilliant.
–  NME

“A fiercely intelligent energy that’s raw and sophisticated in equal measure.” 
 Alternative Press

“Canadian giants-in-waiting.”
– DIY Magazine

“PUP’s debut full-length album is a harrowingly bold, fearlessly diverse, flawless album.”
– Under The Gun Review

“They have been able to take their melting pot of influences and craft a genre-hopping record that never has a dull moment.”
– Made Of Chalk

“Fiery tracks packed with scorching guitars and hooky melodies.”
–  Exclaim!

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