Chuck Ragan Premieres “Non Typical” via Rolling Stone; New Album Out 3/25

We couldn’t be more stoked to announce that CHUCK RAGAN‘s highly anticipated new album Till Midnight will be out March 25!

Today, our friends at Rolling Stone are sharing the first new Chuck Ragan song since 2011, an incredibly catchy jam called “Non Typical, which can be streamed right here:

We’ll keep you guys posted on the physical pre-order but in the meantime, iTunes digital pre-orders for Till Midnight will be available this coming Tuesday, January 14 via

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Here’s what Chuck had to say about the song:

“Tides of emotion, will and love are completely captivating and ever changing.  When love beckons we either run like the wind, go with the flow, settle to make do or work to make better.  Sometimes we connect and sometimes disintegrate.  In any case or any relationship whether typical or not, the ole “this is as good as it gets” attitude simply settles for less.  Just because we’re smitten, recovering or bonded for life doesn’t mean there isn’t any more work to do. We make our own choices to stay, go or heal.  Work a little harder or love a little stronger.  This tune is a message conveying the fact that there’s always a way to build a better now and a better tomorrow.”

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(L-R: Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg, Chuck Ragan, Dave Hidalgo Jr., Todd Beene)

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